Wednesday, September 28, 2011

But I don't like Granola...

As I told you in the introduction post here, I'm apparently not your typical bicycle enthusiast. Looking around the internet and youtube and vimeo, it's clear that the many (if not the majority) of cyclists out there today are what I like to affectionately call "eco-nuts."

Now, don't get me wrong - I don't think there's anyone on the planet that doesn't like clean air and water. I do. I love clean air and water. As a fly fisherman - heck, as a human being - that's really important to me. But as someone with some common sense, I don't think chaining myself to a nuclear plant, trying to ban commercial fishing, or supporting a ban on cars is a good idea.

I'm also not into Bob Marley, weed, alternative music (unless you consider 80's rock and bluegrass "alternative") or recycling. Not a big fan of solar power schemes, windmills or electric cars, either.

So, is there even a place for me in the "bicycle culture?" I think so. Here's why: I just watched this video and I think I agree with almost everything in it. I'll never be a granola eating, tree-hugging eco-nut.......but I do think that my newly acquired love of bicycles is leading me down a path to better fitness and a new outlook about the concept of "community." Watch for yourself and tell me what you think...


  1. The most interesting people are the ones who break the stereotypes good sir.

  2. Maybe so Mark! It seems as though I'm primed to do just that. :)