Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My journey begins?

Research. I'm doing it right. The problem though, is that I'm constantly coming up empty. Local cycling club? Nope. Not unless you're on a road bike. Semi-local cycling club....say, within 50 miles? Well, there is one - but I'm a little perplexed about the need to pay dues to join an online bicycling club. Do I get free inner tubes or a pump each year or something? I'm just not sure.

And why does their header for the website have a "BMW" logo on it? Must I own a "Beemer" too - to join this pay-per-view club? Sure, I know that North Atlanta has alot of wealthy citizens, and many of them probably ride ( in addition to their $4500 road bike) around in "Beemers" ...but isn't there anyone out there with a forum or a website or something dedicated to folks who ride to stay in shape or commute?

If there is, I can't find it. Not a local site anyway. So much for "bike culture" in Atlanta. I mean, I'm pretty good with Google...but for three days now....nothing. Not one single local cycling club that's not dedicated to road racing or hard-core MTN biking. It just occured to me that maybe the reason there's not a "Weekender Bike Club" around here is simply a lack of passion by those who aren't into racing or riding real trails? I mean, if you only ride your bike in your own neighborhood twice a month, what good would a "bike club" be?

Sponsored by BMW perhaps???

So anyway, who knows - I might just have to actually start the club I can't seem to find out there. What's another website/blog to monitor and admin. right? right. Hopefully one day this week or this weekend we can get down to the closest bike trail to us and try to meet some people. Maybe we can ask other rec riders why there isn't a rec rider club online - or maybe they can direct us to the super-secret URL of one that actually exists!?

And finally, since I couldn't find any cool videos about cycling here in Georgia to show you.... trust me, I looked....I found two that were sorta cool if you're into downhill riding at 60 mph ( I'm not.) but other than that all I have today for you is this: 

Lame, I know. Still funny though. :)

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