Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

We took the bike out tonight and I let my wife ride it around some more. She rode for about 20 minutes and then it got too dark to be safe so we called it a night. I got to ride for 15 minutes before that.

I'm always amazed when I first get on it that the little tubes of metal and the rubber tires only 2 inches wide can hold me. Part of it is my weight, of course - but the other part of it is motorcycling. I'm used to a big tank, heavy metal everything and an engine. Riding the bike feels more like an exercise in faith at this point because it looks so spindly and frail.

The last bike I had, my SV 650. I miss it. Yes I do. 
After we got home, I felt ill again. I've had some sort of bug for three days now. I slept most of the evening and now I'm back up. Awake and looking at cycling websites and blogs.

I've yet to find anything out there that held my interest for more than a few seconds. Out of 100 blogs (from a list I found) probably 50 of them weren't updated or current, another 40 of them were far-left tree hugger type blogs and the other 10 were road racing blogs.

I also checked out a couple of forums based here in Georgia. They were pretty disappointing.

So once again I'm thinking about just creating what I can't find. But unlike the movie "Field of Dreams," I'm not sure anyone would come if I built it. Apparently recreational riders just aren't that passionate about their bikes.

Me? I'm passionate about everything I do. In with both feet. Full throttle. And right now.......I love bikes. :)

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